Sonntag, 23. Juni 2013

Präsident Mursi empfängt Mordaufrufer

Veröffentlicht am 22.06.2013 

I pray to Allah to bring down his Anger to this man
and everyone who accepted what he said.
Ant to everyone who liked what he said
and to everyone who does not try to confront those heretics and pigs.
This man believes that religious fascism started by the conquering of Mecca.
The one who conquered Mecca was the Prophet (peace upon him)
And the one who imposed the laws of Islam upon the people of Mecca is the Prophet (peace upon him).
This man is mourning and saying Mecca before Islam was a wonderful model for diversity.
It was the diversity of Gods, the diversity of atheism.
And when Islam came and destroyed the Statues, this man is sad and considers this to be fascism.
He attacks Islam directly.
He considers Islam to be a bad religion, a failed Religion.
He even considers Islam to be made by human beings.
He says there was a movement in Mecca which called itself Islam.
So he considers it to be like one of those unions of the youth of the revolution,
who call themselves Union of Saturday and Friday to support the revolution.
One should not discuss with him. He is not ignorant. He denies.
He decided to leave the religion of Islam.
Therefore, one should not argue with him.
He should be killed even without asking him to repent.
Because he insulted the prophet (peace upon him)
and the punishment of insulting the prophet is death.
Even if he would repent, his repentance might help him in front of God,
but he should nevertheless be killed as Sheikh Ibn Taimiya said.